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3 Must-Know R.H. Patterns For Playing Cascading Arpeggios

I've been practicing Debussy's Clair de Lune on the guitar, which has required me to examine my technique in great detail, especially with the right hand. We frequently take the right hand for granted because its left-hand counterpart is the one with all the visual displays dancing on the fretboard, as was described in the last post. It's challenging to play some portions without having practiced a few fingerpicking patterns.

There are stunning, luscious, and flowing arpeggios that approach finality near the climax of Debussy's masterwork. Alternating fingers and minimizing thumb use are the goals for the right hand in this situation. Because I worked with many of Villa-Lobos' etudes, I am familiar with these patterns.

As you play through these, bear in mind that you should keep your right hand relaxed. The best way to develop excellent skill and dexterity is to practice all of the patterns, even if you prefer one.

Wishing you luck and joy!

At the end of the month, I'll perform this composition along with others. Tickets are free. Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. I hope to run into you there!

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