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"Even in the most remote corners of the world, such as on a ship during my overseas journeys, Ed Levy's guitar lessons continue to be accessible and invaluable. The flexibility of his online platform, coupled with the convenience of Zoom lessons, means I can continue my musical education no matter where my travels take me. Ed's ability to connect and teach effectively across vast distances is a testament to his dedication and skill as an instructor. Learning guitar while navigating the challenges of remote locations has become a reality, thanks to Ed's unwavering support and teaching approach."


— Vincent O., Second Officer and Rescue Swimmer for the US Navy’s Military Sealift Command 

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"I enjoy the lessons [Bebop Scale Boot Camp]. I am learning bits and pieces that are eye opening. Thanks again! You're a phenomenal player and a great teacher."


— Pete Kane, Guitarist, (Kari Holmes, Echo Chamber) Toledo, OH


"Hey Ed, I just got my decision, I got into Berklee!"


— Tyler D., Senior at LaGuardia High School NYC


"Ed, thank you for all your help with Tyler. You definitely helped him raise his game!!
Warm regards, Caren"

— Tyler's Mom


"Ed reveals the architecture of the guitar and music in a systematic, progressive, easy-to-follow manner. He helps you learn to play music, not just notes. Ed is a fountain of skill, technique, and knowledge. Wherever you want to go with your music and instrument Ed will get you there."


— Daniel Mason, San Francisco CA


"Congratulations to Tyler, and he has one of the greatest teachers on the planet."

— Pat Haynes, NY Guitarist, via Facebook



"Thanks, Ed! You ran a great seminar and I had a lot of fun. Always enjoy your blog posts. Taylor.

Sent from my iPhone"

— Taylor Mac, OH Guitarist



"hey Ed...thanks so much for getting me in on last night's Bebop Scale Boot Camp - it was seriously awesome and I really enjoyed myself. you really are a hell of a player and a hell of a teacher, seriously kickass stuff...thanks again....  😎😁 "


— Nick Patyk Music, NYC Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter



"Hey, Ed, just wanted to give you an update. The Berklee audition went well, I played great and got in all the things I wanted to say. Thanks again for helping me prepare".


— Tyler D., Senior LaGuardia Arts High School, NYC


"Thank you, Ed! It’s exciting to be learning and to have 3 chords already to practice. Thanks for the notes on what to work on for next week. You’re the best. I’m having a great time."


— Melinda, NYC


"Hi Ed, Thank you so much. I will purchase the Bebop course book and plan to enroll in the next webinar for it. Since our lesson, in addition to Autumn Leaves, I have also been sitting down with What Child is This, moving up in 4ths, and was able to recognize how the chord scale relationships change throughout the progression based on our work together. Our lesson together has been incredibly helpful and I'm enthused to learn from your online material. Enjoy your Holidays, Taylor"


— Taylor, Guitarist, Toledo, OH



"I recently started taking guitar lessons again and I have to say that Ed is amazing! If you or anyone you know is looking to learn to play or improve as a musician I highly recommend Ed Levy!!"


— Mike S., Guitarist for the M80's ('80's cover band NY)




"You did in 5 minutes, what nobody has been able to do for me for 52 years!"


— Rochelle Goldberg, Director of Choirs, Jennie F. Snapp Middle School, Union-Endicott Central School District




“Ed is a phenomenal teacher. I began with no musical knowledge at all. I did not know how to hold a guitar or a pick and today my guitar is a daily joy. The amount Ed taught me is amazing. I now have rhythm, an understanding of musical theory and structure, can read and write music and can hear music in an entirely different way as well as being able to play with friends.” 


— Glenn M., President, Cyber City, NYC



" It [the lesson] actually helped me quite a bit at our show last night. I’ll schedule with you again soon—that was really cool and you explain things in a way that is understandable. Thank you so much!"


— Ashley L., Toledo, OH



"The lessons are great and I feel I’m making good progress for the first time ever with understanding, My musician friends think

I even got better in terms of knowing what’s going on more. They even played a blues swing and I was able to use the I IV V applying the dominant chords for blues and they were a bit surprised, but I remembered you taught me the rule of blues".


— Ricordo H., Guitarist in Worship Group/Neo-Soul




“I studied with Ed while working on my Bachelor's Degree in Music. He helped me tremendously in the areas that would have otherwise been very daunting and difficult to learn, such as arranging chord-melody solos, learning to play over difficult chord changes, transcribing and analyzing solos, to name a few.  He helped me with music theory, fretboard knowledge, and selection of good repertoire and instilled the love and appreciation of Classical Guitar playing. Ed is a very high-caliber musician, and has a wealth of knowledge of modern concepts of approaching harmony and rhythm.”


—  Peter, M.M./Guitarist/Teacher




"Hi Ed, I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your great work with Gabby on guitar. As a teacher and administrator (and father) I cannot tell you how nice it is to hear and observe a teacher who really cares deeply about his craft and students. Thanks again for everything.  Tom".


—  Parent of Student, CA




“Thank you so much! I am really enjoying our lessons”.


—  Amalya, 16 yr old, Musical Theatre, San Francisco, CA



“Ed is an excellent teacher! Full disclosure: I’m a professional musician and Ed is my cousin. Occasionally I encounter situations in which I can play my music, but I don’t understand what’s making it tick. Ed has never failed to explain something to me in a way that enables me to see it in a completely new light. I wish i could pick his brain 24/7!."


—  Kenny Green, Multi-Instrumentalist, Westchester Klezmer Program, Westchester County, NY



"Ed Levy is great, he was my first guitar teacher at UT, and taught me what is now my favorite chord (V7sus4b9).  This dude got my classical chops from Snowflight to Capricho Arabe, and showed me how to love jazz."


—  Paul M, Guitarist/Teacher


“Linking up over the web is always so hit or miss, but this was definitely a jackpot. As a musician, I'm always looking for situations that will strike a balance between pushing my abilities and being a well-run, positive, supportive experience. I feel blessed to have gotten personal attention from a musician who plays at the industry's highest levels in NYC. From Broadway to Bach, Ed has experience with just about every type of music and performance scenario you could imagine."


—  Nick P,  Songwriter/Musical Artist, NY



“In 2019, I took several 1-hour lessons from Ed Levy, master Broadway guitarist/teacher. Ed is based in New York City and I live in San Diego. So, naturally we did online lessons and they worked out great! It allowed me to avail myself of Ed’s musical expertise, something I couldn’t get face-to-face here in San Diego. The value of Ed’s lessons was inestimable. As a classical guitarist/composer, I was interested in learning more music theory so I could better understand the nature of my instrument. Ed’s enthusiasm for the entire jazz genre ignited a spark in me that has now led to a lifelong interest in the jazz idiom."

—  Jerry K, Classical Guitarist/San Diego, CA



“I am a video/audio engineer and programmer for a large A/V integrator as well as a guitarist/vocalist currently with Lenox Underground, a classic rock cover band based in Summit NJ. I have studied with Ed Levy for several years, mainly in 1-2 hour-long by Skype.  Ed Levy is an accomplished and amazing player, as well as a consummate music teacher. The musical devices and knowledge he has picked up along his career path have all been compiled and polished as an effective and speedy track to better playing."


—  Brian H, Guitar/Vocals/Engineer & Programmer



"Ed is one of the reasons I am currently a Van Halen expert today! Fantastic teacher!!!"


— Dave Sampen, Actor/Musician at SAG-AFTRA, L.A.



"Thanks, Ed - your comments mean a lot coming from a professional like yourself as the student is also a reflection of the teacher. I played for another half an hour after the lesson and I think all the shifting was coming together. Thanks again for your dedication and making classical guitar so exciting!!)"


— Gail, Portland OR

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