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5 Things You Need to Know Before Soloing on a Blues!

1. Scales: Definitely have this worked out theoretically and all over the fretboard. The main scales to use are

A. Pentatonics: Major and Minor

B. Blues Scales: Major and Minor

C. Dominant Bebop Scale

D. Harmonic Minor over the D7 alt.

E. Major Scale Modes: Dorian over m7, Mixolydian over Dom 7

2. Arpeggios: How well do you know your Dominant 7th Arps? This chord is the most prevalent in this progression. Let's also add a m7 Arpeggio to the list.

Ultimate Challenge: Connect the arpeggios using steady eighth notes throughout the progression.

3. Licks: If you understand the concept of tension & resolution, then you don't have to rely on licks, but it's a good idea to keep a list of 10 licks you can play at any point. This will help you play recognizable phrases in your own playing.

4. Chord Progression: You must know what chords you are playing over at the moment and know which ones are right around the corner.

5. Guide Tones: 3rds & 7ths. You will want to start your phrases starting with one of these two notes as they outline the chord better than any other. Give your solo lines definition!

Ultimate Challenge #2: Identify the 5 musical elements in the solo transcription below.

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