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Are You Using These 3 Concepts Together in the Same Line?

How do you play long lines in your soloing that have direction? How do you connect one chord to the next smoothly? These are common questions that come up after you've practiced the scales starting on the different degrees but not sure how to actually do it.

In order to draw upon melodic material that has motion and connects chords, we need to practice enough scenarios, almost on a case by case basis, at first.

The following example is a line that combines the scale, an enclosure, and a lick making it interesting sounding and active. When you're improvising on the spot, will you play the line exactly as you've practiced? Maybe. But the point is to learn parts of a moving line where you may need to truncate a part to suddenly reach a certain goal note.

After you've practiced the same line in the three keys (F, Bb, C), try adding other melodic ideas of your own! The point of this exercise is to gain flexibility in your playing that allows you

to change directions on the fly!

Join us Tuesday, 4/18 8pm for the last Jazz Guitar workshop of the season. It'll be a fun event where you'll learn to play lines that outline all types of chord changes. Are you ready for the playing challenge? We hope to see you there!

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