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Knowing your scales, arpeggios, theory is important but without knowing how to play essential licks, you would be remiss. Learning licks brings an understanding pertaining to proper phrasing, language, and harmony -- all greatly influencing and informing your ability to solo and improvise. Each lick was carefully chosen to highlight certain and crucial concepts.

Includes 12 essential jazz licks in standard notation, TAB, and original recordings of the licks at full speed, slowed down, and of the score. The licks are ones I've worked on and will add new dimensions to your playing. Licks of the players are Charlie Parker, Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, Bill Evans, Sonny Stitt, Trudy Pitts, Django Reinhardt, Joe Pass, and Rick Beato (as shown to me in college in 1989).

Make sure to pick this essential course now to get your guitar playing to the next level! 


"Thanks. It was GREAT, so much good info!" - NY Guitarist, Vinnie Ruggiero

10 Must-Know Jazz Licks on Guitar