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16 Video Clips of Greg Demonstrating Licks

Transcription of Licks/Standard Notation & TAB

Solo Transcription of Tailspin Cycle

Pictures of his Custom Strat, '73 Gibson Les Paul Custom, Marshall Stack, Echoplex, Variac, RAGE concert poster, 2 with EVH

MP3 of his solo

MP3 of his unaccompanied solo redo


"What a great night, he may be the most natural player I’ve seen up close.  One of the other things that stood out was the “swing” in his phrasing.  

As you pointed out there are only so many notes, but where they land is the key."


"Thank you for inviting me! I think you did a great job of moderating the meeting and I think it was very informative. I'm very glad I did it and I plan on doing more. It was a very good experience. Very stylish....a combination of all "flashy" styles that he made his own. Very tasty."

Webinar Material: Greg Di Benedetto