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Ed Levy Design Group

I am committed to developing websites and other digital services that reflect your voice and communicate your narrative. I'm an expert in building websites that will help market the work of musicians, artists, and other creatives. I have been a professional musician for my whole life, so I am aware of the demands of other musicians and artists, and I recognize the value of having a website to showcase their work. To make your work stand out, I'm passionate about creating websites that are interesting to browse and visually appealing.

I want to lead the way in the dynamic field of web design. I am aware that having a significant online presence is now essential for companies. I provide options that are reasonably priced in order to help you launch your business swiftly. I strive to create high quality, imaginative designs that help your business succeed. 

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Ed Levy Design Group is proud to offer our clients the best website design solutions. We now use Wix Studio, a powerful platform that allows us to provide our clients with exceptional results. With Wix Studio, we can create high-end websites that will help your business grow.

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Natan Tours

At Ed Levy Design Group, we don't just create stunning websites. We offer a variety of services to help new businesses get their name out there - including market research, business names and basic designs to get you on the map. And with our state-of-the-art design platform, Wix Studio, we'll ensure you're starting with the best possible foundation.


5450 Studios

Jim Roberts is a respected musician with extensive experience in recording and producing, including the likes of Kansas, Steve Walsh, and Leslie West of Mountain. He uses his website to showcase his work and connect with other music professionals. Thanks to his blog, Jim can share his unique experiences and insights with the world. One of the greatest features on the site is the ability to connect the groups the studio has produced to Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming platforms. This makes it easy for potential clients to find and access the studio’s work.

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Echo Chamber Rocks!

The website for Echo Chamber features a modern design that is easy to navigate and provides a striking visual presence. Utilizing the latest web technologies, the website provides an ultimate user experience, while reflecting the band's unique style and energy. Connecting with music venues was one of the main goals of the site, where users can find and book the band directly from the website. Additionally, users can listen to Echo Chamber's music, watch videos, read about the band's bio, and buy merch!


Ed Levy Guitar

My teaching website provides an innovative way for me to reach students all over the world. Through Zoom lessons, jazz improvisation and rock webinars, I am able to impact more students than ever before. My website also allows me to provide additional resources for my students, allowing them to access educational material at any time. With my website, I am able to give my students the best possible learning experience.

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Calligraphy Unlimited

Designing a website for a professional calligrapher was a unique and rewarding project. We used a combination of contemporary design principles and traditional calligraphic techniques to create an elegant and sophisticated look that would showcase the client's work. We carefully chose and placed colors, fonts, and images to ensure the website was inviting and easy to navigate. Additionally, we implemented helpful features such as an online portfolio and contact form to make the website more user-friendly. Tech stuff: We migrated her old domain over and set up a 404 page to redirect viewers to the new site until Google completes indexing the new pages. Overall, it was a great success and a pleasure to work on such a one-of-a-kind project.


Janine Piano

It was a rewarding experience to create a website that reflects Janine's excellence as a Suzuki piano instructor. I used my design skills to create a website that showcased her accomplishments and highlighted her students' success. I am proud to have had the chance to create a website that accurately reflects Janine's dedication and commitment to helping her students reach their musical goals.

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“Ed has very strong creative skills but, even more importantly, he understands how all of the creative elements come together to drive your business. He is a pleasure to work with, knows his stuff, and has a nice style in how he suggests enhancements to your product. I strongly recommend Ed for anyone looking to build or rebuild a digital presence”.

-JIM ROBERTS (Producer/Engineer 5450 Studios)

Steve Walsh (Kansas), John Entwistle (The Who), AC/DC,

Joel Kosche (Collective Soul)

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