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About the
Bebop Scale Boot Camp Webinars


Brian Hussey, Guitarist/Audio Engineer

Ed's Boot Camp for Bebop is a grand tour of melodic devices all utilizing the dominant Bebop scale. He's good at pointing out the motivation behind why this scale is useful. A ton of material here to start integrating into your playing and practicing!


Jeff Weisz, NYC Guitarist

Ed’s Bebop class is a textbook in jazz phraseology and idiom. If there is such a thing as a true ‘secret sauce’ for jazz, this is the closest thing to it I’ve seen.

With a methodical and well-organized approach that makes the material fun, accessible, and far less intimidating than it often seems, Ed’s Bootcamp workshops get you 99% of the way there to start truly sounding like a jazz player. 

If you’ve been wondering why your lines don’t sound like your favorite players and trying to figure out what’s missing: This is it.

Get: The Book

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This invaluable book contains my lesson notes with legendary jazz pedagogue, David Baker

Webinar Material

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Cracking the Code Webinar: 
Greg Di Benedetto