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Ed Levy with Ibanez PM-20

from a Professional NYC Guitarist & Educator

As a professional musician and university-level educator in NYC, I offer a unique online learning experience in guitar instruction. My lessons are an alternative to a music conservatory, providing an exceptional learning experience that allows me to give more attention to each student. With online resources such as videos, articles, slowed down solo loops & jam tracks, I strive to help each student reach their dream of becoming a great guitarist.

Upcoming Events

  • Bebop Scale Boot Camp: 10 Must Know Jazz Licks on Guitar
    Bebop Scale Boot Camp: 10 Must Know Jazz Licks on Guitar
    Tue, Oct 17
    Online Workshop
    Oct 17, 8:00 PM EDT – Oct 18, 9:30 PM EDT
    Online Workshop
    Oct 17, 8:00 PM EDT – Oct 18, 9:30 PM EDT
    Online Workshop
    Are you able to play 10 jazz licks? In addition to learning scales, arpeggios, theory, etc. we need to add "licks" to our library. Join us for this challenge and add 10 new, killer licks to your playing now and transform your playing! We'll cover players like George Benson, Pat Martino, Bird, more!

Can't Attend But Want the Webinar Material?

Vincent O'Haire

Even in the most remote corners of the world, such as on a ship during my overseas journeys, Ed Levy's guitar lessons continue to be accessible and invaluable. The flexibility of his online platform, coupled with the convenience of Zoom lessons, means I can continue my musical education no matter where my travels take me.

U.S. Navy

Guitar Student

About the
Bebop Scale Boot Camp Webinars

One of my skilled guitar students

Brian Hussey, Guitarist/Audio Engineer

Ed's Boot Camp for Bebop is a grand tour of melodic devices all utilizing the dominant Bebop scale. He's good at pointing out the motivation behind why this scale is useful. A ton of material here to start integrating into your playing and practicing!

One of my advanced guitar students

Jeff Weisz, NYC Guitarist

Ed’s Bebop class is a textbook in jazz phraseology and idiom. If there is such a thing as a true ‘secret sauce’ for jazz, this is the closest thing to it I’ve seen.

With a methodical and well-organized approach that makes the material fun, accessible, and far less intimidating than it often seems, Ed’s Bootcamp workshops get you 99% of the way there to start truly sounding like a jazz player. 

If you’ve been wondering why your lines don’t sound like your favorite players and trying to figure out what’s missing: This is it.

Do You Have The Necessary Guitar Skills?