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Lick From HELL!

I believe in working on refining technique within the framework of music, not just for the sake of practicing chops without a musical purpose. The following comes from an etude I wrote for the upcoming Bebop Scale Boot Camp Webinar on Tuesday, March 21. There are three technically challenging licks in the etude which we'll go over in the workshop.

The aforementioned lick is in the key of G, and is played over a quick ii V I (Am7 D7 GMaj7). It utilizes a 3 note per string configuration in 16th notes. You can either pick every note or slur (pull-off) the first two notes when crossing to the next string.

The challenge lies with picking the note on each starting string (strings 4, 3, and 2) upward! Practicing this idea will strengthen your alternate picking.

It's a burst of energy, creating a lively and dense texture. Try it slowly and gradually increase the tempo until it flows smoothly.

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