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Playing a Jazz Tune with Just the Major Scale?

Sure! Let's take the standard, Joy Spring composed by trumpet legend Clifford Brown. The chords are diatonic which means we can improvise using the Major Scale. Check it out- notice there are long, flowing lines, and other passages that strategically outline all the chords. There are just 2 steps to take before this etude, but it here it is in all it's glory.

Join us tonight for the Bebop Scale Boot Camp 5/16/23 @ 8pm EST. We'll be going over this piece, as well as must-know patterns to play over the most common chord changes.

Guitarists (+ others), join us tonight. Click image below to get your ticket. Be a part of the excitement!

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1 Comment

Tim Cummiskey
Tim Cummiskey
May 17, 2023

Very cool Ed! Great lesson.

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